Enjoy a sparkling clean pool year round with weekly pool service from A Clear Choice Pool!


Weekly Service:

A qualified company service technician will make one trip per week to the pool/spa to perform the following service (weather permitting):

  • Test water and balance all chemicals
  • Brush walls, steps and benches
  • Net debris top and bottom
  • Clean skimmer baskets and pump baskets
  • Inspect equipment
  • After service email report
  • Backwash filters as needed
  • Lube O rings as needed
  • Vacuum pool as needed
  • Make seasonal adjustments for timer box setting
  • Fully trained, certified and bonded service technicians
  • Affordable rates with prompt dependable service

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Stand Alone Cleaning Service:

  • 1 X cleanings
  • Vacation Cleanings
  • Green Pool Cleanups
  • Cartridge Filter Cleanings
  • DE Filter Cleanings
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Acid Wash
  • Chlorine Wash
  • Pool Draining including startups

Additional Services:

  • Tile Cleaning
  • Filter: DE, Sand and Cartridge
  • Pumps and Pump Motors
  • Salt Chlorination Systems
  • Light Fixtures
  • Automatic Water Levelers
  • Automatic Cleaning Systems
  • Heater and Heat Pumps
  • Swimming Pool Vacuums
  • Valve Leaks and Plumbing
  • Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Orientations (Pool School)
  • Email follow-up with service complete.



Call 480-369-4540, or email us to schedule a free pool evaluation, get an estimate for service or a repair.

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